Online Safety

Online safety statement
At Leasowe Nursery and Family Centre, we take E-Safety extremely seriously. E-safety, relates to all terms, such as “online”, “communication technologies”, and “digital Technologies”, and these titles refer to all fixed and mobile technologies that children and staff may encounter, now and in the future, and could pose an “E-safety risk” .
E-Safety falls within our ever-growing Safeguarding agenda, and so is important that all policies and practices are embedded within our Safeguarding Policy.This is how we help protect our children and staff from E-Safety risks, and helps to promote safe and responsible use of technology. For us to be able to meet all aspects of EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), we use a variety of different technologies to support our children’s learning and development. As well as using these devices for their immediate learning, they are also used within the centre for other reasons, such as security systems (door fobs, electronic and video camera security),computers,used by both staff and children, laptops, used for storing images and details of observations used in planning and assessments, pen drives and digital cameras. Staff also use such devices to manage a range of sensitive information, including family information, names, addresses and other personal information related to health and welfare. In a world of ever changing technologies, it is a constant challenge to keep up to date with observing risk factors with new equipment/products and “emerging” devices, and making sure our Safeguarding Policy is always kept up to date. Technology has such a wide range of benefits, and has become a vital part of learning, but it is always at the forefront of our mind that it must be treated with respect. The internet can now be accessed through a variety of equipment, computers, mobile phones, tablets and other equipment. It has become part of our day-to-day family lives, using it for buying and selling goods, online banking, finding information and social media. Unfortunately it also comes with a darker side, with cybercrime, inappropriate material and illegal activity all now taking place online, and can affect both adults and children. We want children and staff to feel comfortable and safe in the “digital world” when accessing new technology, so that is why we make E-Safety a big part of our Safeguarding policy.As part of this, we feel it is equally important our staff and volunteers are supported and able to follow the established codes of conduct outlining clear and professional boundaries.This includes the use of mobile phones (we have a separate mobile phone policy) and cameras within the centre.

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