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Welcome to Rainbow Fish
Ofsted reg no: EY279600

Rainbow Fish Room provides high quality day-care provision for children aged between 2-5 years, in a friendly and stimulating environment. At the beginning and end of each day both areas of provision join together to create a family friendly environment. For the main part of the day both areas of provision separate to provide age appropriate provision and stimulating activities. Both rooms are available from 8am till 6pm with effective rates.

Our Rainbow fish room offers fantastic sensory experiences. We offer a main room, outdoor areas, a sleep pod and a separate garden area for all children to explore.
Situated next door to this room, is a transitional area from indoor to outdoor which offers active experiences from children aged 2 years and over. We have a wonderful continuous provision area outside and also a mud kitchen in our doughnut garden for our children to explore the outdoors. The children will also have regular visits to the schools main hall, library and sensory room as well as participate in Forest School Sessions.

As a health promoting school we offer healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. We provide a self-service breakfast around 8:15am to 9:30am, we like to encourage self-service in order for our children to experience independence but also make use of their fine motor skills.

We provide freshly prepared lunch and desert around 11:45am and also encourage our children to serve themselves. In the afternoons we provide a savoury snack around 2:45pm. We offer milk and water throughout each meal session, and water is readily available throughout the day. We do advise that you keep us up to date with any changes to your child's dietary requirements, including weaning, intolerances and/or allergies.
Our last inspection was January 2020
What did Ofsted say?
"Children are happy and well cared for at the welcoming nursery. The environment is safe and stimulating. Activities and resources are organised in ways that encourage children to explore and be curious. Staff have high expectations of children. They teach them rules and boundaries and how to be considerate of each other's feelings. Disputes are managed swiftly and effectively. This helps children to feel safe and secure."

We are open from 8am until 6pm 5 days a week. 
Current Fees:
Full Day Session 8am - 6pm £44
AM Half day session 8am - 1pm £27.50
PM Half day session 1pm - 6pm £27.50

Within our school we operate an open house policy, this is offered to all parents who wish to look around and visit us.

We also accept childcare vouchers and if you need any advice or guidance for tax credits please click on the following link:

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