Vision and Values

Leasowe Nursery School & Family Centre - Our Vision

Mission Statement:

At Leasowe Nursey School our children are at the heart of everything we do. We encourage every child’s natural curiosity and readiness to learn to promote independence and self-esteem to create life-long learners.

We are an inclusive nursery school, providing a warm, caring and secure environment where children’s individual needs are supported allowing them to grow into independent, confident learners who are respected and valued.


Ours Aims:

To support diversity by recognising that every child is unique and supporting them on their individual learning journey.

To ensure that the classroom environment is a happy place where everyone feels valued and safe, promoting motivation and a love of learning.

To encourage children, through well planned activities to become adventurous learners, with a thirst for knowledge that harnesses their natural curiosity.

To work in partnership with parents to enable children to reach their full potential, ensuring their school journey begins in a positive and happy way, creating lifelong learners.